Aims & objectives

The aims of Association to initiate of mass contact, with a view to focus nations attention on challenge posted by deep economics crises and on the urgent need of activities action of economics be spending. Expanding the Industrial place through wide spread entrepreneurship and to secure awareness.

  • To disseminate information regarding availability of Industrial opportunities and inform people on matters relating to economic activates.

  • To assist and expedite the implementation of Industrial project by securing cooperation, coordination and efforts from various agencies concerned.

  • To organize research cell and thus help to carry on entrepreneurship development in the advanced countries of the world.

  • To organize programmes of technical assistance with a view to make technical know-how available to new and upcoming unit in the Country.

  • To start, Lend, institute and to train cadre for taking up responsibility of entrepreneurship.

  • To provide Research and development facility to member entrepreneurs as required and demanded by the time and situation.

  • To organized technical aware ness camp of young youth who have continuing Craftsman Training basing to Industries.

To short out the problem by the technical Institution on basing to carry out the production works to Industries.