*SJ. Maydhar Sethy, M.LA. Salipur was the first guest to inaugurate the Workshop on SSIs.
*Sj. Dillip Ray, Hon’ble Minister, inaugurate the work shop on “Development on SSIs”. Smt Sarita  Jayanti Das, Principal Secretary,
*The super cyclone in the year 1999 on the  29th October   not only in the Industrial Estate but also the major portion of the Costal belt has been severely affected.
2001: Association has categorically made brain storming discussion and undertaken several meetings not only with the state Government but also with the centre to avail the benefits i.e. Grant against the strongly affected Industrial Units in the last supper Cyclone 1999. But consequently, some benefits became available in shape of loan only to the few affected units only.
2002:A coordination committee comprising of Entrepreneurs of Jagatpur Industrial Estate, Dist Magistrate and collector, Cuttack and General Manager, District Industries Centre, Cuttack was organized and acted on development and clearing of Industrial Estate of Cuttack, Jagatpur and Tangi in the post Super-Cyclone of 1999 against certain resolution passed.
*Against the difficulties faced by the entrepreneurs of the Association in respect of low-voltage, frequently power break-down, delay in energising, faulty billing and unnecessary harassment on the plea of checking of installation, meters, load etc. frequently, the steps taken by the Association became materialized by organizing a meeting with the Hon’ble Minister, Energy, Energy Department Govt. of Orissa in presence of CEO, CESCO and as per the decision, subsequently a weekly programme was conducted and the individual problems of the entrepreneurs were redressed.
2002-2003- State pollution control board, Orissa claimed its yearly fee from the date of the establishment of the factory including the SSI units and tiny sectors to its preview of registration irrespective of pollution creation. A delegation of Association headed by the President discussed with the Chairman, SPCB, Orissa on 3rd February 2003 and its officials Er. B.Mullick, Senior Environmental Engineer etc. along with the General Manager DIC, Cuttack, General Manager IDCO, Jagatpur were discussed on the matter and after a threadbare discussion the proposals of taking early fee from small and tiny sectors from the date of establishment was suspended and subsequently dropped.
*OIA strongly protested the One Time Settlement Programme floated by OSFC. A rehabilitation programme was suggested by the Association with the revised terms and conditions on 3rd November 2003.
*The inaction of CESCO authorities even after visiting a Expert Team against our grievances has forced the Association to knock the doors of OERC by filing a disobedience of order/ contempt of court petition. On 09.09.2003 the CESCO personnel were redirected to discuss with our Association and the result of which certain resolutions were passed favourably.
*The non-payment of dues from Govt. Departments and non issuance of TDS certificates and in such case the tax amount added to the income of assesses caused penalization without any fault. Often entrepreneurs of Association, it was suggested to access and to take to the account the amount of sales tax even if any such department fails to issue the TDS in time.
*Upon interference of Association with the labour department, it was suggested to increased the 25nos of labourers instead of 10nos where power machine is driven and 50nos of labourers instead of 20nos where no power driven machine respectively.
*On 7th April an open house interaction cum discussion in a Seminar was organize inviting Sri Ajit Kumar Tripathy, I.A.S, Principal Secretary, Department of Industries, Sri Panchanan Das, Director SSI and Sri Bijaya Kumar Bose, General Manager SIDBI on “ Industrial Prospects and problems”.
*On 4th June a delegation of OIA meet Hon’ble Minister Sri Biswobhusan Harichandan, Industry and Law, Sri Prafulla Chandra Ghadei, Minister Finance meet on their residence and focus about different accept of SSIs, Such as Modernization, Rehabilitation of SSIs.
At the same time the team meet former Chief Minister & M.P Mr.Giridhari Gamango and stated the fax of SSIs and present content of globalization, as Orissa being an Industrial backward state. Sri Gamango, M.P assured to extend full support and do the need full to achieve the goal and if required to issue will be raised in the parliament.
*Valuation of IPR provision for supply of dual decks cum bench to school under elementary Education Department, OIA fill a repetition before Hon’ble Orissa High Court bearing W.P© No. 3898 of 2004 where State of Orissa represented by Commissioner Cum Secretary of school of mass Education and six others were the opposite parties. The Hon’ble Court was pleased to pass an interim order restricting the Govt. not to place the orders without leave of Court.
*Several interaction were made Director EPM and the Principal Secretary, Department of Industries for revision of rate contact for dual desks cum bench and other related items Iron Steel and Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
*On 2nd December Mr. L.N.Gupta I.A.S, Chairman Cum Managing Director, IDCO visited the Industrial Estate and discussed with the entrepreneurs about the individual and general problems and assured the problems will be shortly.
*For up gradation of infrastructure facilities to Jagatpur Industrial Estate OIA meet Managing Director, IDCO on 11th August 2004 aware about in adequate facilities such as Road, Water Supply, and Drainage System. During the discussion Managing Director assured that the work will take on top priority basis.
*A delegation headed by Sri Kanungo meet the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance at Bhubaneswar on 22.01.2004, where a detailed discussion was undertaken about collateral free loans up to 25 lakhs by banks and suggestions were floated on deposit and advance ratio for small and micro industrial units. It was also suggested the commercial banks should not insist 5 times turn over on working capital finance and President to declare on account as NPA basing on quarterly performance.
*The Entrepreneurs week was organized by our Association during the period a programme on “Awareness related to industrial scenario in Orissa and Role of IDCO” was held with JDI, Orissa, GM, DIC, Cuttack, DGM, OSFC, Manager, OSIC Ltd, Sri Mgr.NSIC including representatives of different industries Association for development of Industries, and individual problems of entrepreneurs.
*At the advent of VAT in our State, OIA has taken up first step to organize a seminar on: Implication of VAT on SSI” to clarify the confusion of members. Mr. G.C.PAti, Principal Secretary, Industries, Govt. of Orissa was the Chief Guest. He was also the former Commissioner, Commercial Taxes, Orissa When the VAT system introduced. Addl. Commissioner, Commercial Taxes Sri Bibhuti Bhusan Das, Sri Debapriya Mishra, Leaned Advocate and Tax Consultant along with Sri Nageswar Pattanaik, Senior Reporter in Indian Economic Times and Sri Sahadev Sahoo, Officer in charge of VAT cell will address the seminar.
*This year Jagatpur Industrial Estate have completed 25 years, to remark the year a Silver Jubilee during 28th and 29th January 2006 was celebrated. During the said occasion and Industrial Exhibition was organized which 100SMEs participated and displayed their products for first time. The Exhibition was inaugurated by Sj.Biswobhusan Harichandan, Hon’ble Minister, Industries, Rural Development and Law. During the two days celebration and three technical sections was organized on the title :-
(i) Networking strategy and Cluster Development.
(ii) Need for Modernization and New Financing norms for SMEs.
(iii) Quality Certification of SSI products.
The first workshop was chair by Sri Laxmi Narayan Gupta, I.A.S, Director of Industries and Mr. J Karla, UNIDO was the principal speaker.
In the 2nd workshop G.M.SIDBI, Mr. Bose was the chairperson and DGM, SBI was the principal speaker.
In the 3rd workshop Sri P.Das, Director SSI was the chairperson.
In the closing ceremony Sri Bhartuhari Mahatab Hon’ble Member Parliament was the Chief Guest and Sri Prabhat Tripathy, EX. M.L.A. Banki, was the Guest of Honour.  A souvenir was published by the Association and inaugurate by the Chief Guest to Commemorate the Silver Jubilee function. At last Association recommended to the Govt. for consideration of important resolution taken during the technical sessions.
*A high quality engineering structural fabrication cluster is to be explored with the help of UNIDO and Director of Industries.
*Special incentives to be pronounced for encouragement of food processing Industries.
(i) Efforts will be made to explore ways for the modernization of Industries Keeping in view the growth of Large Steel Industries.
(ii) To develop the infrastructure provisions in the Jagatpur Industrial Estate and make it an ideal Industrial area.
(iii)A specific workshop be organized by the Association to offer quality certification to interested units in collaboration with SISI.
(iv)Such Seminars including Exhibition be an annual event with the support of SISI and Directorate of Industries.
*On 27th May Sri D.Biswal, CEO, CESCO, attended the meeting in the
Conference hall of OIA for development work relating to power supply. During the discussion the following works to be implemented by CESCO.
(i) Up gradation of Nadikula feeder from 3.15MVA to 8MVA.
(ii) IDCO feeder and rural feeder are separated.
(iii) 2 nos. of MVA transformers were installed.
(iv) 250 KVA transformer at apex has been up graded to 500 KVA.
(v) 1 no of 500KVA and 100KVAtransformers have been installed.
(vi) Lightning arresters have been provided to all sub stations and new ear thing have been provided.
(vii)Single-phase light line for sick unit is being allowed.
*During the year Association discussed with the Govt. and upon their insistence, suggestions were given to the Govt. for bringing out a NEW IPR.
(i) To reform the administration through accountability and increasing efficiency in the system.
(ii) Rehabilitation of Sick Industries should be given priority.
(iii) Industrial Estate existed since last twenty years. The lease hold land should be converted to free hold.
(iv) Exemption of Stamp duty at the time of land registration.
(v) No municipality tax, Motor tax should be levied in the Industrial Estate.
(vi) Electricity load for SSI units should raised to 60KW.
(vii) Electricity duty should be exempted for SSI units.
(viii) Abolition of minimum fixed charged and waver of meter rent to SSI.
(ix) Special marketing preference of 5% may be given to SSI units having different certificates.
(x) Rationalization of VAT structure in accordance to neighbouring States.
(xi)Tax holiday/ reimbursement of VAT for 7 years for new SSI and SSI going for modernization diver friction and expansions.
(xii) Entry tax on Capital goods, Raw materials and Packing materials should be exempted for the SSIs.
(xiii) 100% of reimbursement of expenses to obtain quality certificates and to obtained technical consultancy.
(xiv)Inspector Raj should be reduced by simplification of procedure.
(xv) Small Scale Industries should be formed to solve disputes between SSIs and Government Department.
*On 15th March a Symposium on Status of Small & Medium Enterprises was inaugurated By Sj. Biswbhusan Hari Cahandan, Hon’ble Minister Industries, Law & Rural Development. Late Sri Srikanta Piakray, I.A.S Ex- Addl. Secretary, Department of Industries, Gove of Orissa, & Sri Kripal Singh, General Manager, SIDBI, address in the Symposium.
*Association has received Rs.50,000.00/- from the Government as Grant-in-aid. The Sanction amounted amount has been spent for organising Seminar & workshops.
*For adoption in IPR 2008 OIA submitted the following points:
i) Time bound strategies are to be framed & the name of the implementing agency is to be incorporated        in the MSEM Development Policy.
ii) SEP programme should also be included. Interest subsidy limit under SEP may be increased to Rs. 10.00 lakhs.
iii) MSME Cluster to be encouraged to create raw material banks by forming SPV with the assistance by the Govt.
iv) Existing rate contact item should continue and the rate shall be fixed by Director EPM.
v) The local MSME shall not be covered under turn over clause in the open tender to participate in tenders and local registered unit shall be free from payment of EMD & tender cost.
vi) Incentives for promotion of Private brand & trade market.
vii) Refund of 50% of VAT deposited on sale of consumer goods in private market for a period of five years.
viii) Subsidize at least 50% of the cost of publicity / band promotion by MSME for a period of five years.
ix) To promote SVP in MSME cluster the SPV be given the Status of new small scale Industrial Units for the purpose of availing fiscal / non-fiscal incentives.
x) The Entry Tax on machinery equipments, Raw Materials, Construction Materials, Packing materials & Consumables may be waived for units who will go for modernization with effect from 01.04.2007.
xi) Input Tax credit be allowed to avail to the units going for modernization on construction materials.
xii) Inspection of Electrical Inspector & the inspection fees to the MSMEs be restricted to once in five year.
xiii) Connecting load of SSIs be increased from 20kw to 99kw.
xiv) Industrial sheds in industrial Estates rented as go-down shall liable with extra monthly premiums. Plying of trucks to such go-downs be allowed into the Industrial Estate from 7.00P.M to 10.P.M.
*This Year Association Celebrated Lord Ganesh Puja on 3rd September.
*On 18th January Sj. Tuhin Kanta Pandy, I.A.S, Commissioner, Commercial Taxes inaugurated the open house discussion in the conference hall of OIA on VAT structure with new refinements introduced in VAT. Deputy Commissioner Sri A.C. Satapathy, also calcified the questionnaire raised in the house. Since the Entry Tax Law was sub judice No Entry Tax will be levied on sale on local municipality area. Besides the Commissioner clarified that he has already recommended to Government to wave out VAT on fly-ash bricks. 
A Memorandum presented to Chairman to 13th Finance Commission, on 26th February 2009.
President OIA attained the meeting in the 13th Finance commission at Bhubaneswar and a memorandum was placed.
Orissa being rich in resources how neglected by planner s since along time, has been reflected in the said memorandum. Since last   two decades Orissa has drawing the attention about the generation of employments of MSMEs about 70% in the service sector. Whereas measure industries of 90% investment generate only 30% employment. So OIA has demanded to give infais on Micro Small and Medium enterprise.
*Infrastructure is a vital area which needs to be addressed by
Government of India. Few potential MSME industrial estates may be earmarked and focused and packaged development of these industrial estates may be taken up in an inclusive manner. Industrial estate infrastructure should include, developed land, road, drainage system, water resources, labour housing and community utility centre. Government of India may consider providing 100% funding provision for 5 such projects in Orissa under 13th Finance Committee recommendations.
*In view of the global recession, markets for almost all goods &
Services produced by MSME will be possible through competitive pricing. Therefore the present rate of Tax on these items should be reduced to 2% of the gross value of the product & services.
*Corporate Income Tax / Income on firms/ Individuals specially
Arising out of Income from the commercial activities of the Micro, Small & Medium enterprises may be allowed a special rebate of 5% rebate on turn over while computing Income Tax.
*Central Excise duty for products manufactured by MSMEs
Operating in Orissa may be fully exempted.
*Investments made by MSMES for protection of environment &
Pollution control may be fully exempted from Income Tax & assets so acquired may be exempted from the purview of wealth Tax.
*Similarly service Tax for MSME sector may be reduced by 50% of
The present level.
*Industrial Estate managed by IDCO need support for maintenance of common assets like road, Power Supply, Sewerage management, Solid wage management. The Industrial Estates do not get any support for maintenance of above said assets from the rural local bodies or urban local bodies. Therefore 50% of the cost of the maintenance of the assets may be subsides by the Government and rest 50% may be collected from the Industries located in the Industrial Estates.
*Government of India may set up two industrial parks in the state as a model hub for setting up of Auto components with built up infrastructure and utilities to provide deserving technocrats the facilities on hire purchase.
*GOI may plan to set up a research institute for providing
Consultancy and set up facilities for setting up ocean-based industries.
*GOI may plan to set up 5 labour housing complexes near the industrial estates and rent out the houses to entrepreneurs for housing their labour force.
*A workshop was organized on 7th October 2009 on ISO certification. Mr K.L Rao Director MSME Sri P.K.Gupta Deputy Director was present on the function. Mr. Rao explained about the ISO 2009/08 and initiated Industries to register with ISO bodies. As per their suggestion controls registration period, time available of adequate fund and following systemic procedure to manage the affairs, production management, quality adherence and marketing management can make the enterprise successfully.
On 30th January a symposium on’ role of NSIC to MSMEs’ was organized by inviting NSIC. Sri Saroj Das join director, Director of industries; Sri Saroj Kumar Prusty, G.M DIC Cuttack and Sri B.N ram manager of DIC on the above subject.
 On 24th July our efforts comes regarding repair of Mahanadi Embayment executing Engg Mahanadi North division inform that Rs. 1,39,58000.00 has been spent for temporary protection  providing Bulla Pilling and sand bagging and emergence basics.
 On Association has attested the State label adviser complete at Berhampur &Focus about the ancillary project to the large industries through MSMEs.
HISTORY 09- 10.
A one day awareness programme was organized on “ENABLING MANUFACTURING SECTOR TO BE COMPITITIVE THROUGH QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM/QUALITY MANAGEMENT TOOLS” in the Association conference hall on 13th Jan 2010. The seminar was inaugurated by Sri K. L.  Rao. Director, Micro Small Medium Enterprises Development Institute, Cuttack and was addressed by Sri P.K Gupta. Deputy Director MSMEDI, Cuttack, Sri S.K Kar, Senior Manager, CTDC, Bhubaneswar. The learned speaker interacted with members on quality management system, TQM, 7, Q-C tools and sigma Metrology Measurement assurance. Sri P.K .Padhy, Deputy Director and head of the NPC. Bhubaneswar presented a detail talk on basics of lean manufacturing, total product maintained and the advantages of lean application in India MSME.  
ON 17TH to 21ST January 2010, OIA organized a training programme with collaboration multidisciplinary centre of safety, health and environment an autonomous institute of Government of Odisha. Employees of the members unit along with workers of the nearby Industries such Arati Steels, Nilachal Ispat Nigam Ltd, etc. participate in the training programme & certificates were awarded at the end of the training. The programme was inaugurated by Sri Satyajit Mohanty, I.P.S, I.G. Police & Director (Training). Sri Sahadev Sahoo, I.A.S, Ex- Chief Secretary, Government of Odisha, Prof. (Dr.) P.K. Das, Director of Medical Education & Training, Odisha, Sri L.T.P. Narayan were amongst the other distinguished speakers during the training.
Participation from different Industries and various industries located in Cuttack, Jagatpur, Bhubaneswar, Jajpur & Dhenkanal   have attended  in the training programme. During the training programme various types of industrial Safety was learned to the participate by the resource persons are Dr. Jagadish Acharya, MS, Former Jt. Director of Health, Odisha, Dr. Surendranath Nayak, MD, Consultant, (Med) ESI, Hospital, Bhubaneswar,  Sr. S.K. Devata, MS, Ortho Specialist, ESI Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Dr. Purna Chandra Das, MD, Asst. Professor(Med) , SCB Medical college & Hospital, Cuttack, Er.R.K.Behera, Asst. Director of Factories & Boilers, Cuttack - Dhenkanal &  Er.S.K.Bhuyan, Principal – PDIS, MDC on SHE, Bhubaneswar.
On the closing ceremony Sri G.D.Rath, Secretary, MDC distributed the certificates to the trainers and thanks to OIA to organizing such type of training programme which helps to the workers of the industries.
On 31st March 2010 President led a delegation to discuss the grievances related to CESU with the Superintendent Engineer CESU and to the Executive Engineer, CDD-II, Cuttack. After detail discussion the following decision were taken.
1. Uniform power cut timing of all the Industrial Estate of Jagatpur.
2. Early provision for setting an independent feeder for Jagatpur Industrial Area.
3. Assurance by SE to improve quality of power distribution and total eradication of low voltage issue once the shortage of power situation is addressed.
4. Discussion was taken for taking up  repair works only during Sunday & Holidays with prior intimation to the connected customers.
5. Early announcement of a clear guide line for power cut to MSMEs. 
      Association has taken several meetings with the IDCO official relating various issues of infrastructural development & various grievances of members. Association has invited CMD, IDCO for attending an open house discussion in the OIA conference hall for on the spot redress of issues. The meeting shall be organize soon a conformed date is available from Chairman & Managing Director, IDCO..
In collaboration with MSME development institute OIA has taken an initiative for development of four lean clusters in the area of Plastic, Engineering, Corrugated Packing and pharmaceuticals. NPC & OIA have jointly steering these proposals which are under active consideration of Government of India. Four cluster apart from taking up lean manufacturing also purpose to develop SPVs in these clusters in features.
Producing and marketing the product are two vital arms of development. To support members in marketing we proposed to start a bi-annual exhibition of products manufactured at Cuttack and Bhubaneswar involving, purchasers, Government Institution, PSUs and large Industries. OIA has initiated steps in this regards and has received positive response from the  concerned quarters.
Information is the power. To make available all information less than one roof OIA has tried to set up an information centre with the support of Government of India. OIA’s initiated is to develop a modern information centre which can provided information about policies, Projects, technologies, market etc for use by entrepreneurs as well as potential feature enterprises.
President attended 52 State Level Inter Institutional Committee at Reserve Bank Of India on 17th September 2010.
Sri Liaquat Shariff attended the PLAC meeting held at HAL, Sunabeda on 22nd September 2010.
Sri Sariff attended the SLIIC meeting held at RBI, BB on May 2010.
President attended with a delegation a discussion on Bar-code at MSMEDI on 16th January 2010.
President attended NALCO PLAC meeting at Bhubaneswar on 12th Oct 2010.
A delegation of OIA attended the meeting on 4th December 2010 for promoting down stream Industries to manufacture Stainless Steel utensil.
President a led a delegation to meet Secretary Industries and apprise him about the marketing problems of the MSMEs.
President led a delegation to a meeting convened by Secretary Industries to discuss the EPM rate contract rules and their refinements.
President attended the preparatory meeting for observation of “INVESTOR DAY” on 10th August 2010 & 24th August 2010.
Association has collected contribution on around Rs. 3lakhs from its members and sympathizers and has also received a Government grant in-aid of Rs. 1lakh for the year 2009-10. The funds were utilized for various developmental activities of the Association.  OIA has also applied for capacity building to Government of India and has also provided funds provision for implementation of the purpose information centre.
The republic day & Independence day were observed as usual. President Sri Kanungo hosted the National flag on both the occasion. On 15th August 2010 after hosted the national flag OIA organized a seminar on “Industries after Independence”.
9.Distribution of Water on hot session.
For first time OIA distributed cold water with curd in adjourns to Association premises. I thank M/S Kamadhenu Diary & M/S Pruthiraj Diary for their support to supply the curd during this period. I also thanks M/S Siva Ice plant for supply of Ice.
On 28th April 2010 OIA celebrated Madhu Jayanti, by initiating a morning motor cycle rally to the birth place late Madhubabu. The participating entrepreneurs paid their homage at the great Hero’s birth place, garlanded his statue and the rally return with SILPAJYOTI to the meeting in the Association hall. Sri Soumaya Ranjan Pattanaik, Chief Editor Sambad attended the meeting as Chief Guest. OIA declared this day as “SWAVIMAN DIVAS”.  Chief Guest pronounced an oath to all the entrepreneurs present in the meeting. Chief guest on his speech elaborate about the son of soil “Madhu Babu” & he also apprise that OIA is celebrating this type of prestigious rare function & congratulate members for the same.
On 11th September Association celebrated Lord Ganesh Puja in the Association premises. During the celebration competition were conducted amongst the young school students such as Drawing, Muraja, Balance race & Music Chair. Sri Bhaktaballav Das former SP, Odisha Police inaugurated the competition and Sri Gouri Gopal Sen, Managing Director, Or Pipe  judge the events. On the colourful evening prize distribution ceremony was conducted where  Sri Saroj Das,  EX-Joint Director, Director of Industries , Odisha Joined as
Chief Guest  and others guest Sri Binod Das, President OPECA, Sri Ananta Tripathy President OYEA.  A cultural programme also organized by “Babu Panigrahi”. The immersion programme were celebrated on 15th September, Lord Ganesh was carried by a procession throughout the Industrial Estate and was immersed in the river Mohanadi.
Information and circular receipt from different Government, Semi Government, Corporation, PSUs and other source receive by the Association displayed at Notice board and the important information was circulated to the entrepreneur members as usual.
During the year OIA has lost few important members and minored their untimed departure from this wonderful earth lord has created for all of us. They were Sekhar Ray & Ajaya Mishra. OIA joined with their family on the sad demise of the deputed soul and pay deep tribute to each of them.
We have kept ready our web site. I am quite hoping full that the same most have been lunched when we shall really meet on 29th December 2010.